Landscapes - a collection of images made in a rural environment. They may include some form of man-made structures but are predominantly of a natural content. Typical Dutch landscapes, flat and open spaces, windmills and large skies.




Cityscapes - a collection of images made within an urban environment. Most images are taken in the evening hours when I combine natural light with the city lights. For me, it's about capturing the beauty of the architecture and not so much the hustle and bustle of the city.



Waterscapes - a collection of images taken at or near to the coast and also large expanses of water such as lakes. They have a calming appearance as I often use a long exposure to flatten the water and the movement of clouds. 


As the name suggests, all the images in this collection are black and white or a tone has been added. 

The Seasons

This collection showcases nature's colours in the four seasons .