The landscape collection contains Stuart's best images made in a rural environment. They may include some form of man-made structures but are predominantly of a natural content. The images include typical dutch landscapes with low ground and high ceilings (skies) with the odd windmill and bulb but also surprisingly beautiful natural environments from waterways to forests. 


The cityscape collection contains Stuart's best images made within an urban environment including architecture as the predominentary subject.


The seascape collection contains Stuart's best images of the Dutch coastline. Stuart lives close to the north-western coastline, a long stretch of sandy beaches backed up by high dunes. The dunes act as a natural sea defence and recently they have been highered to prevent flooding because the majority of the land behind the dunes is under sea level. 


As the name suggests, all the images in this collection are black and white or a tone has been added. 


This is a collection of images taken on 'Stuart's island'. He regularly visits the area where he grew up and spent lots of his youth engaging in various outdoor activities. If there is one thing he misses it's the hills and valleys of the Lake District which he could always see across Morecambe Bay.  


France has always been THE destination for holidays. You could call Stuart a Francophile although his interest in the country lies purely with the countryside and the architecture which he likes to capture with his camera. 


This collection contains images that don't fall under the category landscape or cityscape. Stuart often partakes in other genres especially compositions where various images are merged together to form digital art.