Me crouching on a frozen Markermeer, jan. 2018. I had just been shooting the well-known Paard van Marken(lighthouse) during the sunrise (-15c). The ice had not yet started to break up over these ice breakers.

Hello and welcome,


I am a landscape and cityscape photographer based in the Netherlands. Born and bred in the north-west of England, with the Lake District to the North and surrounded by an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), I grew up in a beautiful part of the country. I spent a lot of my youth doing various outdoor activities in the Lake District such as walking on the fells and canoeing on the lakes.  This is where my love for the outdoors and landscapes was founded. 


I moved to the Netherlands after meeting my Dutch wife and have dual nationality and speak both languages. I am fully integrated in the Dutch culture as I own a bike and a pair of clogs.   ;  )


I have always owned a camera and enjoyed capturing family events and travels but since the digitalisation of photography my hobby has grown into a serious passion. Over the years I have specialised in landscape and Cityscape photography. I love to capture rural and natural scenes but also urban areas combining natural light with ambient light to show off the architecture of towns and cities. 


I love the challenges of Landscape and Cityscape photography.  Landscape photography, especially, is not just about taking a photo but the whole experience. It starts by the planning, how to get there, logistics, weather, etc and then the journey to and experiencing the subjects I shoot. I will be honest with you. I hate getting up early for a sunrise but when everything works out like great light, composition, colours, etc. I quickly forget my tiredness as the 'kick'  sets in as beautiful landscapes are revealed by the rising sun. It can be a gamble as you can't always be sure that the weather will play ball. Even after doing all the planning and logistics, if the weather let's you down, the only comfort is the fact that you have been outside.  When everything does come together it gives so much satisfaction.

The challenge for cityscape photography is to find everyday streets, squares, buildings, etc and give them a wow factor. Scenes, where you would perhaps go past without taking a second glance can be made more interesting to the eye when shot during the perfect conditions.  I like to combine natural light with the ambient light provided by street lights and from the buildings. In the Netherlands, there are plenty of the typical old canal houses but there are also many modern architectural designs and both appeal to me.


Well that is enough about me. I'm sure that what brought you here are my images. Please have a browse through my portfolio.  I can also be found on Facebook and Instagram. I would love to hear your comments. Please drop by and say hi.




Kind regards,


Stuart Dayus